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Celebrating 18 years!

Website Mistakes We strive to be perfect! But...

Tom messed up

Here at AutosDirect we strive every day for perfection, but sadly we sometimes fall short (but only just!) - We pride ourselves on a no-nonsense and totally transparent approach to selling cars... that means we list the correct information - we show kilometers not miles, we photograph the dents (if they have any!) etc etc. We honestly try to make sure that the information presented on the website matches the car. That said we can slip up! Sometimes in fact WE get it right, but our web-site man Tom gets it wrong. Mostly in fact it's Tom!

Paperwork is one thing that we know particularly worries our customers. That's why out aftersales department are available to take total control of all aspects of your used car paperwork here in Spain. You buy the car, and we take care of the rest!

Tom messed up

Hi I'm Tom I'm responsible for the AutosDirect website, and I do my best to make sure it's accurate at all time. However, I am also human, so please forgive me if I slip-up! :)

So with this in mind we urge our customers to please check yourself that any important features you are excited to have ARE present on the car! Alloys.... parking sensors.... steering wheel(!) - Please just ask, or bring a print out with you from the web, and we'll check together. The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed. We truly aim to please!

The AutosDirect Team