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Celebrating 15 years!

Request a video We'll get filming this !

We're sorry! Due to restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 outbreak we are prohibited from filming videos right now. But please - come back very soon and we can get your video shot - Stay safe!

Just let us know where to send the video, and we'll get our award winning film-makers (cough!) on the job. We might not make cinema quality films, but will endeavour to show you the car inside and out, start it up for you, and give you a guided tour. We'll also point out any imperfections we can find to give you the clearest picture of the car we possibly can. If you are satisfied with the car, we encourage you to make a simple €199 deposit to secure it, or of course, double check by requesting that we drive it to your house for "home viewing" (Click here [Sorry also on hold just at the moment due to Covid-19])


No worries with your new car! Offer including parts & labour! *Very few exceptions!

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