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Celebrating 15 years!

Tyres One of the most important components

From highly affordable tyres with a proven safety record to top of the range main brand tyres including Michelin, Continental and Pirelli we've got you covered!

What's more, our technicians can get them fitted with the minimum of fuss and bother and have you back on the road in safety and with top performance.


After fitting new tyres we balance wheels on our state-of-the-art Bosch equipment for superb accuracy and performance.


On request we can also check your wheel alignment and tracking to save tyre wear - protect your new tyres! Just €40 + IVA.

Puncture repair

Our technicians can carry out rapid and secure tyre repairs for just €10 + IVA

Tyre pressure checks - A complimentary service

Did you know that 44% of cars are running with under-inflated tyres? We use extremely accurate pressure gauges to guarantee your tyre pressures are set correctly. 25% too low tyre pressure reduces fuel efficiency by 2%! Why pay even more at the fuel pumps!

Nitrogen gas inflation

Fill your tyres with Nitrogen for improved performance, increased safety and lower maintenance.

  • Nitrogen is used in motor racing cars, including Formula 1!
  • It maintains consistent tyre pressure up to four times longer than standard air-filled tyres resulting in better fuel economy.
  • Nitrogen helps deliver longer tread life because of lower heat generation.
  • Tyres inflated with Nitrogen deliver optimum handling characteristics for longer!
  • Nitrogen gas slows down the chemical aging of the tyre resulting in less tyre failures.

Javier says: Sometimes I see tyres that frankly frighten me. Over the many years I have been here at AutosDirect I have seen it all. You owe it to yourself, and your family to have your tyres checked for free. Please let us take a look.