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Celebrating 15 years!

Three years free servicing Complete peace of mind with nearly all our used vehicles!

That's right - You read correctly. We offer three years of quality Bosch servicing with all our vehicles! A Bosch Service carried out every year for three years*.

Keeping your car serviced adds to the future resale value and prevents expensive repair bills.

These services include:

  • Full Service Report
  • Tyre and Brake inspection
  • Replacement of Oil and Filter
  • KTS Bosch Diagnostic check
  • Greasing of hinges/joints
  • Battery condition report
  • Refilling of all levels

Adam says: Our clients frequently tell us that they made their decision to purchase based on our servicing offer. Driving away knowing you are covered from day one really is unbeatable. It works for us to! When clients trade cars back in we know - for sure - that they have been looked after perfectly! By me!